Anthem’s Storm Javelin Can Rain Down Destruction from the Skies

With Anthem‘s launch just over a month away, new information continues to emerge. This time, footage from the title places the Storm Javelin front and center, thanks to a “Gameplay Profile” from IGN First. It’s a brief video, but works wonders in summarizing how the Storm Javelin navigates the battlefield. Curiously, this particular Javelin’s speciality seems to be in raining destruction down from above.

See Anthem’s Storm Javelin in action in the footage below:

No other Javelin is capable of staying in the air for as long as the Storm. What it lacks in armored protection, it makes up for with agility, height advantage, and elemental abilities. All of this enables the Storm to take charge, especially as the bird’s-eye view offers this Javelin a tactical edge.

However, as noted in the Gameplay Profile, the Storm Javelin’s biggest strength can also become a weakness. While high in the sky, scouting and attacking enemies down below, the Storm is far more susceptible to attack than others. The absence of cover protection and the Storm’s minimal armor means air superiority could leave this Javelin at a terrible disadvantage.

There always to combat these disadvantages, though. Most notably, the Storm Javelin comes equipped with a kinesis shield. Powered by kinetic energy, this spherical shield forms around the Storm, and is most effective while the character hovers. The teleportation dodge offers the Storm Javelin yet another way in which to avoid incoming fire.

More information is sure to surface about all four Javelin exosuits as Anthem’s release date continues to draw near. Players will get a chance to experience Anthem soon, once the VIP demo goes live on January 25, 2019. On February 1st, another demo will grant public access to BioWare’s latest project. The game itself launches on February 22nd for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.