Get a Closer Look at Anthem’s Interceptor Javelin

If you’re not a fan of stomping around or hurling energy balls at your enemies, the Interceptor Javelin might be just what you’re looking for in Bioware’s upcoming Anthem. The Interceptor is more of a rogue class, one that’s often favored by scouts, infiltrators, and assassins. It certainly is not the strongest Javelin, but who needs protection when you’re too fast to be hit?

Equipped with deadly blades, the Interceptor’s job is to get in close, inflict damage that weakens enemies, and then get out as fast as possible. You’re in a supporting role when you use the Interceptor Javelin, one that allows your allies to dole out an effective means of damage.

Each of the Javelins you can choose from are capable of holding two weapons in their loadout at a time. The Interceptor Javelin is capable of holding every weapon type except for Heavy Weapons.

Below is a rundown of the Interceptor’s starting abilities:

  • Interceptor Javelin Exosuit Melee Ability:
    • Every javelin has an innate melee ability which can be used to deal damage to targets at very close range. This ability does not need to be earned, nor can it be changed.
  • Double-Bladed Daggers:
    • The Interceptor uses a pair of double-bladed daggers to deliver a multi-hit flurry of slashes, dealing damage in a chain of powerful attacks that can be continued indefinitely.

You can expect a list of the Interceptor Javelin’s gear and information on its Ultimate Ability very soon. If you’d like to play Anthem a little bit earlier to get a feel of the Interceptor Javelin before the February 22, 2019 release date, here are instructions on how you can do that.

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[Source: EA]