BioWare Explains How You Can Play Anthem Before Launch

Despite not hosting a traditional beta, BioWare previously announced plans to launch a demo for Anthem. Recently, the studio revealed three different ways fans can get their hands on the title prior to its February 2019 launch. The details were shared via the game’s Twitter page, which linked to an official posting on EA’s website.

Anthem’s “VIP demo” launches February 1, 2019. Those who have preordered Anthem or are subscribers to EA Access or Origin Access will have access to the demo. Thanks to Early Access, PC players who are Origin Access Premier members can play the full game a week early on February 15th. The Play First Trial allows players to get 10 hours of hands-on time with Anthem starting February 15th. However, this trial is exclusively accessible to EA Access members on Xbox One and Origin Access Basic members on PC. Progress made during the Play First Trial carries over to the main game if members purchase Anthem with their 10% member discount or subscribe to Origin Access Premier.

Anthem marks a big step in the evolution of BioWare games. However, even though it’s a shared world shooter, the studio insists there still exists an emphasis on storytelling. One way BioWare has doubled down on this is in its plan to release free story DLC.

Anthem arrives on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

[Source: Anthem’s Twitter]