Kingdom Hearts III Update Schedule Tells When The Epilogue and Secret Video Are Coming

Weeks ahead of the title’s launch, Square Enix has detailed its post-launch plans for Kingdom Hearts III. But fans should still anticipate a day one patch in the form of Update 1.01, which will offer “several data fixes.” Also a part of the day one patch is the Memory Archive. Free updates from there on will begin rolling out the day after launch on January 30th. These updates include an Epilogue and a secret video.

This news recently went live on the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, where a release schedule is spelled out in a series of tweets. Update 1.01 will go live on January 29, 2019, featuring data fixes and the Memory Archive. The postings describe Memory Archive as a “digest” of the franchise’s story that covers everything preceding Kingdom Hearts III’s narrative. Players will be able to access the Memory Archive at leisure in the game’s title menu.

January 30th is when fans who have completed Kingdom Hearts III can begin accessing the Epilogue video. On January 31st, the secret video will become available. Just like the Epilogue, only players who have completed Kingdom Hearts III will receive access to the secret video. Apparently, both pieces of content are intended to further the fans’ “enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts.”

The scheduling of these releases may seem a little bizarre. However, there’s good reason behind the extra waiting period. Following leaks concerning the game’s story, Director Tetsuya Nomura released a statement, saying the epilogue and secret movie would be held back in an attempt to bypass similar leaks.

Kindgom Hearts III will finally hit store shelves on January 29, 2019.

[Source: Kindgom Hearts on Twitter]