Overwatch Rings in the Lunar New Year Soon With New Skins

As the official Overwatch account tweeted out last week, the Lunar New Year event is happening again this year on January 24, 2019 and will last until February 8, 2019. It’s the year of the pig, which could mean good things for Roadhog, given his name. Fans certainly have plenty to look forward to with last year’s skins discounted and this year getting a whole new set of skins inspired by different elements of Chinese history and folklore.

As of now, there are confirmed skins for Reaper, Hanzo, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn. Take a look at what has been shared on Twitter thus far.

Reaper is dual wielding his guns with some feathered flair as a callback to Lü Bu a military general and warlord.

Similarly, Hanzo’s skin is inspired by Huang Zhong, another military general. He is known for serving under the warlord Liu Bei.

Reinhardt’s look is one of the most dramatic changes because you can now see his face, which always feels a bit jarring. His skin is inspired by Guan Yu, a general who also served under the warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.

Lastly, Torbjorn was another character to get a confirmed skin, and it’s in the vein of Zhang Fei. He’s yet another general who served under Liu Bei.

The pattern here is pretty clear. What other characters do you want to see get Lunar New Year skins? A new skin for Orisa seems to be in high demand. What other aspects of history or folklore would you want to see used besides warlords and military generals? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Twitter via Dualshockers]