GameStop is Cancelling Orders For the Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Due to Overselling Preorders

If you ordered the limited edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro from GameStop, you might want to check your email. GameStop confirmed that they are cancelling preorders due to overselling the console during the preorder period. The limited edition console bundle is a GameStop exclusive, featuring both a custom PS4 Pro and DualShock 4 with meticulously detailed grayscale art etched into each. It also comes with a copy of Kingdom Hearts III.

Anyone who has had their orders canceled will receive a $25 GameStop gift card, which is less than comforting to eager fans who were excited to receive the custom console. According to reports, there is no rhyme or reason behind who is having their orders canceled. Some people claim they placed an order the moment preorders went live and still found the email waiting for them in their inbox, so it seems to be a bit of a lottery on if your order will be fulfilled or not.

At this point, there’s no telling how many of the limited edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundles were oversold, and how many people will have their orders canceled as a result. With less than four days to go until the North American launch of the game, this news is hitting fans hard. The most unfair part of this whole debacle is that some of those orders that will go through are inevitably resellers. Legitimate fans are having their orders canceled while resellers will make a hefty profit off of a console they never actually intended to keep in the first place. The most hardcore of fans may turn to ebay to get this limited console bundle, but we can’t imagine the cost will be anything close to the original sale price.

Did you have your limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro bundle canceled by GameStop? Do you think a $25 gift card is adequate compensation for GameStop’s error? Let us know in the comments below. We don’t have our hands on a limited edition console, but we do have our hands on the game, so you can expect our Kingdom Hearts III review on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile you can get a look at everything you need to know about the game before it comes out.