Kingdom Hearts III Streaming Rules Bar Players From ‘Commercial’ Streaming

Those who’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts III (our review is in progress) have reported that the game’s title screen comes with a button labeled “before you stream,” which brings up some vague streaming rules.

Alongside barring people from streaming the game’s music entirely, Square Enix and Walt Disney have warned players against streaming commercially. The full message is as follows:

This game is a copyrighted work. The copyright is held by The Walt Disney Company and a collaboration of authors representing The Walt Disney Company. Additionally, the copyright of certain characters is held by Square Enix Co, Ltd.

You are free to stream the game in non-commercial contexts. However, using the streams of the game to primarily provide or listen to the music is prohibited even in such non-commercial contexts.

For more information on the terms of use related to streaming the game, please see the official Kingdom Hearts site.

Kotaku noted that there’s currently no information available on the official website, and we couldn’t find anything either at the time of this writing. When the website reached out to Square Enix to clarify what “non-commercial” streaming means, the developer’s public relations department was unable to clarify.

However, as Kotaku pointed out, it’s likely that streaming rules will be added to the official website upon Kingdom Hearts III‘s worldwide release. In the meantime, people can be found streaming the game on Twitch and YouTube as it’s already out in Japan and embargo has been lifted.

When it comes to Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts, streaming restrictions aren’t unheard of but the terminology used in this case is unclear. We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

Kingdom Hearts III will release worldwide on January 29, 2019.

[Source: Kotaku]