New Watch Dogs Trademark May Hint at Brand-New Entry

According to internet sleuthing by YouTuber Skullzi TV, Ubisoft filed a new trademark for Watch Dogs in late 2018. Apparently, news of this failed to initially take off, because the filing has just recently gone public. What this could mean for the future of the tech-centric franchise remains to be seen.

Curiously, as Skullzi notes in the video above, this Watch Dogs trademark bears no connection to the other. As such, instead of “piggybacking” off of what came before, Ubisoft chose to file an entirely new trademark. This raises myriad questions, chief amongst them being whether the publisher intends to take the franchise in a completely different direction. Could this Watch Dogs trademark mean whatever comes next won’t connect to the first two entries? For now, it is hard to say for certain.

Speculation about Watch Dogs 3 has been in the air for some time. An April’s Fools joke on Ubisoft’s part kicked off much of the talk in early 2018. Soon thereafter, another tease via Ubisoft’s A.I. gaming assistant, SAM, hinted at Watch Dog 3’s being in development.

Of course, there does exist the possibility that this filing does not at all concern a potential Watch Dogs 3. With Ubisoft’s attempts in recent years to expand its franchises to different mediums, perhaps this trademark has something do with a a film or television series. Remember, The Division still has a movie in development. Admittedly, Watch Dogs’ premise seems as if it could make for an interesting live-action adaptation, too.

[Source: Skullzi TV on YouTube via PCGamesN]