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Gex Trademark Filed by Square Enix Hints at New Game

Square Enix has filed yet another trademark for the 90s platformer Gex, this time in Japan. Gex: Enter the Gecko originally released for the 3DO, and was later ported to the PlayStation and other platforms. Following a similar trademark from late last year, the latest filing has sparked rumors of a possible revival from the Japan-based video game publisher.

As spotted by Twitter user @Renka_schedule, Square Enix filed the trademark on February 7, 2022. The filing was made public over a week later, on February 16, 2022. Back in December 2021, the company filed the same trademark in Europe. While they don’t indicate exactly why Square Enix decided to trademark the Gex name, based on the timing and details of the filing document there are a few possibilities.

Does the Gex trademark mean a new game?

Notably, both the EU filing and Japan filing mention the trademark’s use in video games “recorded on compact discs” as well as distributed online. This could indicate some sort of new release or remaster for modern consoles as well as PC. Another line mentions the distribution of games on smartphones and other mobile devices. This could indicate that the original game may get a port to smartphone devices, similar to Square Enix’s mobile ports of classic Dragon Quest titles.

Interestingly, both filings also mention the possibility of TV and feature films. Considering the relative success of recent video game franchise adaptations such as the Sonic movie, Detective Pikachu, and most recently Uncharted, it wouldn’t be surprising if Square Enix was looking to build their own movie franchise. That being said, trademark filings are purposefully broad in order to cover all bases for future use, so take it with a grain of salt.

Regardless, it’s now clear that Square Enix is planning something with the Gex franchise. The opposition period for the European trademark will end in April 2022, so if you’re a Gex fan, you should keep your eyes peeled for any reveals after that date.

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