the division 2 file size

The Division 2 Install Size is Twice as Big For PS4 Players, 50 GB Day 1 Update

Along with revealing when you could preload The Division 2 and start playing the game, Ubisoft also revealed the The Division 2 file size so you can prepare space on your hard drive. I hope you’re sitting down for this one, especially if you plan on playing on the PS4.

The Division 2 File Size – It’s a Big One

Even if you purchase the game on disc, you’ll be downloading the Title 1 update, which will be about a 50 GB file. If installing the game after March 11, you’ll also be downloading Title 1.5, which is much smaller, coming in at just 2 GB and fixing some minor issues caught during the beta. For Xbox One and PC owners, the final HDD install size of the whole game will be about 48-52 GB, no bigger than the Title 1 update. For PS4 owners, you’ll want to reserve double that space. Ubisoft says the final HDD install size on the PS4 will be 90-100 GB. Both of those sizes are whether you get the digital or physical version of the game.

It adds an interesting wrinkle to the “digital versus physical” debate. If the game is online, you have to download updates, and the game installs to your hard drive anyway. There’s not much benefit to having a physical disc other than the ability to lend or resell the game. But a game like The Division 2 demands player attention for long term, so there’s really no benefit to getting the disc copy.

That massive PS4 file size is because of the way that the PS4 downloads and installs the packets, essentially requiring double what the actual file size of the game is in order to install to your system. Be warned that new updates for massive games like this will often also require a lot of free hard drive space in order to download and install the patches and expansions. If you are bumping the top of your hard drive’s limit, you might want to consider replacing your hard drive with a bigger one or getting an external drive to hold some of your games. With a whole year of free content coming to The Division 2, that massive file size is about to get a lot bigger.

[Source: Ubisoft]