Leaked Video of Battlefield V’s Firestorm Gives Us Our First Look at the Battle Royale Map

Following a leak earlier this week, a footage of Battlefield V‘s Firestorm has mysteriously appeared online, giving us our first look at the battle royale mode’s map and tutorial.

Without further ado, check out the video below courtesy of YouTube user JROBtheFinesser:

In case you missed it, dataminers found that Firestorm will feature solos, duos, and squads (DICE has already revealed that the player cap will be 64 per match). Players will be able to choose a class but will be offered a level playing field.

Dataminers also found references to LFG (looking for group) and “backfilling,” which is when players are dropped into matches after a previous player has left. Firestorm will also feature a separate ranking system and three loot tiers: common, rare, and epic.

In terms of weapons and vehicles, here’s what’s been found so far (as explained by Reddit user temporyal):


  • Weapons categorized by tiers

  • The HUD can feature six types of ammo: LMG, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, and Sniper


  • Various HUD elements give away that vehicles use fuel as a resource and therefore can’t be used without limits

  • You can get vehicles by opening “vehicle breakouts”

  • References to Tiger and Valentine tanks found

  • Other vehicles: “Halftracknomag”, “Kubelwagen”, “Kettenkra”, “MH101ctor”

  • One air vehicle snippet found

“Blue prints” for the following vehicles were also found in the game’s files:

  • Helicopter
  • Staff car
  • Sports car
  • Schwimmwagen
  • Pick-up truck
  • Tractor

Electronic Arts and DICE have yet to confirm the leaks.

Firestorm doesn’t have a release date yet but we’ll update our readers when we have more info.

[Source: Reddit]