Battlefront 2 Is Getting A Hot-Fix Tomorrow

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Capital Supremacy Endless Spawn Glitch Getting Fixed, Anakin Getting Balanced

Alongside today’s announcement that Capital Supremacy will be getting new maps in the coming months, it has also been confirmed by one of Battlefront 2’s Community Managers, Ben Walke, that a new hot-fix is inbound to the game tomorrow. This hot-fix will bring many fixes to the game, it’s central goal is to improve stability within the new game mode, to balance Anakin so he isn’t too overpowered, and to fix the endless spawn glitch that has plagued players since the new mode’s release. This is why the team removed Capital Supremacy’s AI troops earlier in the week, and it appears that they may have been the root of the issue.

F8RGE, another community manager for Battlefront 2, provided further details about this hot-fix in a post on Battlefront 2‘s official forum. He went over the full list of patch notes coming with tomorrow’s hot-fix, stating that the team is pleased with the feedback they have received from Battlefront 2‘s community. One of the biggest issues the team aims to solve with this hot-fix is the “endless spawn glitch,” where you would attempt to load into a match of Capital Supremacy, only to be stuck at the spawn screen, unable to pick a Class. F8RGE has stated that the team has put several fail-safes in place to attempt to limit the issue, and that they will be monitoring the situation closely to resolve it as fast as possible. Players had also complained that Anakin Skywalker was too powerful in Capital Supremacy, so he will be receiving some changes with tomorrow’s update to better balance his abilities.

Here are some of the patch notes to give you an idea of just what will change with tomorrow’s hot-fix:

  • Added fail-safe scripts to reduce the chances of unreactive spawning when transitioning between Ground and Capital Ship phases in Capital Supremacy. Additional server logging has been implemented to further diagnose spawning issues.
  • Added tentative fixes for online AI causing server crashes on Capital Supremacy.
  • Reduced Retribution choke damage (86->75 points per second)
  • Reduced Retribution push damage (80->75 points per second)
  • Reduced Passionate Strike first damage (50->40)
  • Reduced Passionate Strike last damage (150->130)
  • Increased Passionate Strike cooldown (12->13)
  • Reduced Heroic Might base damage (100->70)
  • Lowered Power Blast damage (150->140) to prevent One-Hit Kills against Assault, Officer & Specialist
  • Raised E-5 end damage (21->30) to increase the weapon’s effective range

What do you think of the changes outlined for this hot-fix? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Electronic Arts]