This Kickstarter Wants to Give the Vita R2 and L2 Triggers

Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronics is planning to develop an accessory to further the PlayStation Vita’s functionality. It took to Kickstarter to help fund manufacturing for grip to add R2 and L2 functionality to the original Vita 1000 model. This is the fourth accessory the company has developed, and the second for the Vita’s original OLED system.

The Kickstarter (which is in Japanese) has already smashed past it’s initial goal $2,272, earning well over $4,000. There’s still 23 days left of the campaign as well, if you want to throw your support (and guarantee yourself a grip of your own).

Joetsu first got into making accessories for the Vita after it created a grip for the 2000 model that added R2 and L2 buttons, making certain games in Remote Play much easier. While popular, the add-on did come with some drawbacks. For starters, it was only for 2000 model, meaning the 1000 OLED model was left out. In addition, it was only functional if used with the Vita’s touch panel in the back. A model was later made for the 1000, though this had the same drawback. Joetsu then made a model compatible with the 2000’s front screen, though this is the first time a grip for the original model’s front screen will be made. An attempt to fund an earlier model of this grip was started in 2018, though that ultimately wasn’t a successful effort.

Unfortunately, this is probably going to be one of, if not the last high-profile Vita accessory. With production of the handheld finally wrapping in Japan, it’s unfortunately not much longer for this world. We’re likely seeing the final physical releases for Sony’s little system, from staunch Vita supporter Limited Run Games. In fact, the company itself is planning its own E3 conference, which will probably be the only conference where the Vita will make an appearance.

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[Source: Kickstarter via Twinfinite]

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