Get Some Free Virtual Days Gone Swag Now

Days Gone has had a long windup during its journey to its April 26, 2019 release date. The post-apocalyptic, third-person, survival horror game is finally about to release. If you’re like many hyped gamers out there, no doubt you are champing at the bit for something, anything new to do that’s related to Bend Studio’s upcoming AAA game. Well what if we told you not only is there a countdown website to help ease the painstaking wait, but that it offers downloadable goodies for you to enjoy prior to release?

Sony has launched a Countdown to Launch page for Days Gone, which you can view here. The site loads with a YouTube playlist front and center, but also has a “View Rewards” tab just begging for a click. There are two unlockable rewards. The first is the Days Gone Countdown to Launch Dynamic Theme and Avatar Pack, awarded in the form of a PlayStation Network voucher code. This includes a dynamic PS4 theme, which shows Days Gone protagonist Deacon speed away from a pack of infected beasts as he takes aim at one leaping at him behind his motorcycle. The gravel that Deacon’s bike’s rear tire has kicked up in the process is animated, and the camera angle of the entire diorama-like scene changes as the user navigates the PS4’s system menu.

A second unlockable is a contest entry. An adorably terrifying plushie of the Rager Bear, the name for a bear infected with Days Gone’s fictional virus, is up for grabs. More specifically, a grand total of 20 of these plushies are set to be given out when the contest ends on April 27, 2019. This means you have until the end of Days Gone‘s launch day to enter the contest.

Obtaining the dynamic theme/avatar combo voucher code and entering the contest is much easier than killing a freaker. All you have to do is head on over to Sony’s dedicated website, scroll down a bit, and click the “Claim Reward” buttons. You do have to be logged in to your PlayStation Network account, but that is the only hard requirements on these goodies. What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em!