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A Gearbox Executive Producer Has Left the Company

Gearbox Publishing Executive Producer John Vignocchi announced via Twitter that he has left the company as of May 25, 2019. This comes after less than a year of employment with the studio behind the upcoming Borderlands 3.

Vignocchi mentioned that he is leaving Gearbox after he had the opportunity to accept a “dream job” at his “favorite company in the games industry.” Fellow Gearbox employees were very supportive and even encouraged Vignocchi to accept the job, which he noted in his announcement. Vignocchi had previously worked for Midway Games in the early 2000s, later moving on to Disney Interactive in 2009, before finally landing at Gearbox Publishing in 2018.

This move does not appear to be in response to allegations against Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford that alleged he assaulted David Eddings, the original voice actor for Claptrap and former Gearbox President of Strategic Partnerships & Licensing. Rather, it looks like Vignocchi and Pitchford are parting on very good terms. Pitchford responded to Vignocchi’s announcement with “Love you, JV–you’re in it for all the right reasons. Absolutely rock the new gig! Our industry needs more like you.” To which Vinocchi replied “Means a lot! I’ll miss being able to pop into your office and ask you a zillion questions about game dev. You always gave me the time of day and I learned a lot–despite inadvertently derailing your schedule!” Vignocchi also praised Randy Pitchford and Steve Gibson, the Head of Publishing for Gearbox, for their talent in bringing out the “passion and excellence” of the team working on Borderlands 3.

Vignocchi will begin this new “dream job” starting May 29, 2019. We’ll have to wait and hear what it is. Until then, be sure to read up on Gearbox Software’s upcoming game Borderlands 3 (including our hands-on impressions) before its release this September.

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