marvels avengers co-op

Marvel’s Avengers Will Supposedly Feature Co-op With Up to 4 Players

Square Enix will not begin providing concrete details about its Marvel’s Avengers title until E3 2019. Yet, it appears a few interesting bits of information have already hit the web. According to a listing on the E3 website, this new interactive exploration into the Marvel Universe will feature four-player co-op. Those in favor of single-player experiences shouldn’t fret, however. Solo play will be available, as well.

The E3 Coliseum section of E3’s site lists all of the panels that will be held during the event. One for Marvel’s Avengers appears on the schedule for 1:00pm-1:30pm PST on Tuesday, June 11. Next to the time is a brief blurb about what audiences should expect from the panel. Curiously, it appears as though the description has been edited, since it’s now much shorter than before. Thanks to Twitter user Evan Filarca, a screenshot of the supposed original listing can be seen below:

marvels avengers co-op

According to the posting featured above, What’s Good Games’ Andrea Rene will moderate the E3 panel, at which members of the development team discuss what is said to be a “defining Avengers gaming experience.” If the post is to be believed, the cinematic storytelling will serve as an integral component to what makes the game so special. Fans will have the choice of experiencing this either through single-player or by teaming with up to three other players for a four-player co-op adventure.

The posting also made mention of customization options, specifically those that will suit each player’s personal playstyle. This raises a number of questions, chief among them being whether character creation will be an option. Thankfully, the wait to learn more is nearly at an end.

Marvel’s Avengers currently lacks an official release date, but more information about the game in general will surface during Square Enix’s live E3 event on June 10th at 6:oopm PST.

[Source: Evan Filarca on Twitter/ via PCGamer]