Collection of Mana Trademark Might Indicate Mana Collection is Coming to the West, But Don’t Count on PS4

Square Enix has filed for a trademark in Europe for a product titled “Collection of Mana.” The filing doesn’t reveal many specifics, other than that the filing is meant to secure the name to be used by Square as video/computer game software. It also trademarks the name to potentially be used by Square Enix to produce various forms of literature (guidebooks, graphic art books, etc.), toys, and other electronic forms of entertainment. The company have also recently been filing trademarks for “Secret of Mana” and “Final Fantasy Adventure,” in North America and Europe.

What Square Enix is planning on doing with this trademark is so far unknown. However, it would seem likely that it plans to bring Mana Collection (known in Japan as Seiken Densetsu Collection) to North America and Europe after a Japan exclusive release in 2017. The case for this seems strong given the filings for Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy Adventure (the first game in the Mana series which was later remade and release as Adventures of Mana), two of the three titles on Mana Collection. The third game in the collection, Seiken Densetsu 3, never received a western release (apart from fan translated emulations), and “Collection of Mana” could potentially debut the title under a localized name. With Square Enix’s E3 event almost exactly a week away, perhaps this will be one of the surprises of the show.

Keep in mind, however, that the Mana Collection was a Switch exclusive game in Japan. Outside the Secret of Mana remake on PS4, Mana games have been isolated to Nintendo’s consoles. Unless Square Enix is making a big shift in strategy (which could happen, given the Secret of Mana remake, after all), we’re expecting this one to be a Switch exclusive title too.

Square Enix sure seem to gearing up for an eventful E3 this year. The company is planning on giving a substantial update on Final Fantasy VII Remake after demoing it early in May. It also looks like they will finally be showing Marvel’s Avengers next week, either during their press conference on Monday or at E3 Coliseum the day after. Square Enix even teased a new game today, Outriders, which should be detailed more next week. On top of all of that, the company announced that they plan to “aggressively invest in new IP,” some of which could find its way to the show next week. All things point to an exciting show coming from Square Enix.