FromSoftware Says Working With PSVR Was ‘More Limiting Than Expected’

FromSoftware, the developer behind the famous Dark Souls series, says the company has no plans for more VR games in the foreseeable future. This comes after the release of its only VR game to date, Déraciné, which released for the PSVR back in 2018 and received a mixed reception. During an interview with Destructoid, Producer Masanori Takeuchi had some compelling things to say about developing for the platform.

It’s because when we did Déraciné, the hardware was actually a little more limiting than we expected. We couldn’t quite render and depict the things we wanted to using PSVR–just the hardware and the know-how we had at the time.

So perhaps we’ll wait a little bit and see what happens with the PS5 or the next-gen hardware, and then see what sort of performance we can get from that, what we can render on that hardware, and then make a decision.

Despite reaching 4 million units sold, PSVR has had its struggles since launch, as it’s hard to market a platform that can only be truly understood by actually experiencing it. Aside from that, there are many technical limitations that hold it back from its full potential. These are things like the mess of cables included with the headset, the low resolution, and wonky tracking by the camera.

Because of this, it’s not exactly surprising for Takeuchi to criticize the platform. That being said, PSVR is a still a gripping piece of tech, especially when you consider the low entry point in terms of price. There are almost 100 million PS4 systems in the wild, so for another $250ish, you can experience a slew of immersive games with PSVR.

Is it sad that we probably won’t see any more FromSoftware VR games? Sure, but if the team is spending its time working on projects like the recently announced Elden Ring, fans will be kept happy.

[Source: UploadVR]