Arc System Works Confirms That Kill la Kill: If Will Not Be Censored on PS4

Censorship is a topic that has generated a lot of heated discussion as of late, with some games being modified due to content, specifically on the PlayStation platform. With that in mind, publisher Arc System Works wants to put to bed rumors that one of its games might be censored based on PS4. Arc System Works has confirmed that the upcoming Kill la Kill: If will not be censored for content on any platform, regardless of region.

This comes by way of a tweet from the publisher’s official Twitter account, which said “I’m putting this to bed once and for all, you crazy conspiracy theorists… The game has NOT been censored in anyway. The Japanese, EU, and NA versions are identical. So, just stop it. kthxbai.”

The tweet can be seen below:

Based on the reception to the company’s tweet, the community seems to be happy with this news, with many users expressing their content in the comments.

This tweet was a reply to a post advertising the Limited Edition of Kill la Kill: If, which comes with the following goodies:

  • Full color, 34 page art book
  • 31 song soundtrack
  • Limited Edition Box
  • “Mako-croquette” squish toy
  • KILL la KILL – IF Game
  • EXCLUSIVE to the Arc System Works Gear Shop

Kill la Kill: If is based on the popular anime series of the same name, telling a revenge story through the eyes of a schoolgirl.

You can download a demo on PS4 for the upcoming anime adaptation right now. Kill la Kill: If will release on July 25, 2019 for PS4 and other platforms.

What do you make of the news pertaining to the upcoming game’s censorship (or lack thereof)? Does it strike you as the right move by Arc System Works? Let us know!