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New Super Monkey Ball Game Gets Another International Rating

Even more fuel has been added to the Super Monkey Ball fire. Another rating has been given to the still-unannounced title, this time from the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. By all accounts, a new Super Monkey Ball game is on the way, and possibly quite soon at that.

The rating is again for Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. That’s the title that was first rated in Taiwan, and Sega trademarked that name back in May 2019. It roughly translates to The Food is Great! Super Monkey Ball, though that likely won’t be the title for an English release, should it get one. That in addition to the image provided with the initial rating, point to this Super Monkey Ball game having some sort of food motif.

This time, Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball was rated for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, though the Taiwanese rating also included PC. By all accounts, Super Monkey Ball is coming to the PS4, which should make fans of the franchise happy.

Somewhat strangely, Sega has yet to comment on this title, which will apparently be internally-developed. A rating suggests its somewhat near completion, though it is hard to tell. It’s entirely possible Sega could be gearing up for a “stealth” launch, or possibly announce it at one of 2019’s upcoming conventions. Tokyo Game Show will take place in September, and that seems as good of a place as any for Sega to announce (and maybe even release) a new Super Monkey Ball game.

If Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball does indeed release (and there’s no reason to believe it won’t), it would be the first Super Monkey Ball game on a PlayStation system since 2012’s Super Monkey Ball Banna Splitz, and the first on a home console since 2010. Hopefully we’ll hear more news on this title in the coming months.

[Source: Gematsu]