Chinese Final Fantasy XIV Fans Are Trading Heart Disease for Chocobos at KFC

As my adventures in Final Fantasy XIV continue, I have been happily bumbling about the Eorzean countryside on my Fat Black Chocobo mount. He’s a real chonkster, as the kids like to say, and is ludicrously adorable with his little crown, hopping ever forward in pursuit of my character’s dangling gysahl green lure. For me, getting this special mount was as easy as buying a Final Fantasy XIV time card on Amazon. But for Final Fantasy XIV players in China, well, I fear deeply for the structural integrity of their arteries.

final fantasy 14 kfc 2

Here’s the deal. In order to get the Fat Black Chocobo mount in China, Warriors of Light have to travel to their local KFC, and purchase a dine-in family package. As translated by Reddit user Cozywolf, the KFC family package contains the following:

1 * Double Chicken Burger

1* Vegan Mushroom Burger

1* 5-piece Chicken Nuggets

2* Original Recipe Chicken

1* 2-piece New Orland Chicken Wings

1* Old Beijing Spicy Duck Roll

2* Pepsi (Large)

2* Peach Oolong Tea (Large)

Now, there are a couple things to clarify. At first, Cozywolf was under the impression this meal had to be finished in order to get the code. This ended up not being the case, so it was totally fine to buy the thing, get the code, and leave with leftovers and your dignity/health relatively intact. However, the codes were briefly limited to 300,000, before the popularity led to Square Enix lifting that limit. As a result, there was a mad rush at first to get codes, and brave Warriors of Light formed parties to tackle this (largely self-imposed) challenge. The results are pretty hilarious.

The KFC Black Chocobo Challenge is now a hearty meme in the Chinese Final Fantasy XIV community, with many Warriors of Light sharing their strategies for Naoki Yoshida’s most challenging raid to date. This includes job and DPS strategies, suggested rotations, and of course tragic tales of failure.

Cozywolf was also cool enough to translate some of that fun, so check out our source link for some of that primo meme content.

Source: Reddit via Cozywolf