Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Gunfight Mode Gets Raw Gameplay Video Following Fan Requests

Call of Duty fans were left a little frustrated last week when Infinity Ward released a video of the game’s Gunfight mode that was marred by chitter-chatter. Such was the response that the studio decided to release a raw version of the same video, showcasing Gunfight gameplay in 4K, captured on the PlayStation 4 Pro. And this time, all you get to hear is the game itself.

Check out the video below:

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler Wood got to try out Gunfight at a recent event and wrote at length about it. Make sure to read his preview for more information.

An official overview of Gunfight is as follows:

The Basics:

·      This is a four-player, two-versus-two game mode.

·      It features a series of custom-made, confined maps; the smallest of those present in Multiplayer.

·      Everybody gets the same loadout: Prove your adeptness with a wide variety of armaments!

·      The loadouts switch every two rounds.

·      The first duo to win six rounds wins.

Gameplay Notes:

·      Each round lasts 40 seconds. After this, “Overtime” begins, and a flag spawns.

·      The flag spawns if one or both players of each duo are still alive at the start of Overtime.

·      Either team has 10 seconds to capture this flag. There is a three second capture time.

·      During Overtime, you achieve victory by capturing this flag, or by defeating the other team.

·      If no one defeats the other team or captures the flag, the duo with the higher health wins. If both sides have the same amount of health, the round is a draw.

·      Each team switches to the opposite side of the map every two rounds.

·      The first three maps shown are:

King: The interior of a warehouse.

Pine: The exterior of a dense forest.

Stack: A desert container yard.

Try Gunfight for yourself on October 25, 2019, when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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