Fan Favorite OpTic Gaming Fails to Win a Single Map at the Call of Duty World League Finals

OpTic Gaming is perhaps one of the most well-known teams in the Call of Duty World League. Nicknamed “The Green Wall” after their green color scheme, they’ve got a rabid fanbase that chants, cheers, and follows the team around to every event. That fanbase wasn’t enough to convince a win for OpTic during the CWL Miami Finals though. In fact, not only was the team eliminated on day two, they failed to win a single map during the event, with every single team they faced sweeping them in 0-3 losses. It’s a disappointing showing from a traditionally strong team, watching them get completely eliminated on only the second day of the event in such a brutal fashion.

OpTic Gaming had a great year in 2017, winning three event during the year as well as taking home the championship. 2018 wasn’t kind to OpTic, with the organization never getting a first place finish. They started off the 2019 season strong, however, winning the Las Vegas Open that kicked off the Black Ops 4 season of play at the end of 2018. Since that event, OpTic hasn’t left much of a mark on Call of Duty World League 2019. They are still leaving their mark on the fans, though.

The CWL Finals Miami Losers Round 3—pitting 100 Thieves against Gen.G—was punctuated by chants from the crowd of “Where is OpTic? Where is OpTic?” Losers Round 3 was expected to be an exciting elimination match between two of the favorites from Call of Duty World League. 100 Thieves, a popular new team owned by Drake and former CoD pro player Matthew Haag (Nadeshot), was expected to enter an exciting matchup against OpTic’s green wall, but poor performance by OpTic meant that they were eliminated early. Gen.G took the stage against 100 Thieves, but the fans couldn’t forget that they wanted OpTic to be there.

“Where is OpTic?” seemed to be the theme of the CWL Finals in Miami, with many wondering why the team figuratively didn’t seem to show up to any of their matches. The sweeping losses at this event mean that though OpTic is still headed to the CWL Championships in Los Angeles in August, their seed for the culminating event of the year is significantly impacted. It’s going to be a hard climb for them, but you know their dedicated fans, there for them even through all of the losses, would love the underdog story if OpTic does manage to make a comeback. Still, to not win a single map at the penultimate event of the season is an unprecedented outcome for a fan-favorite team.

The Call of Duty World League Finals in Miami is still underway. Don’t miss the livestreams and full schedule of events.