Highly Detailed Apex Legends Figures Will Release Later This Year

Special effects company Weta is releasing some new Apex Legends figures at the end of the year. There will be three statues as well as three small vinyl figures. The statues will be based on the character models used in-game and cost around $100 while the vinyl figures will be smaller and cost $30.

Each statue will be nine inches tall and Apex Legends fans can opt for Pathfinder, Lifeline, or Wraith. The smaller vinyl figures will include Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Mirage. While the design of each statue will be identical to Respawn Entertainment’s character designs, the vinyl figures are a bit more animated with a less realistic look to them. They look as if they were pulled straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Preorders are currently available for the cheaper vinyl figures, they’ll be shipped in November. The more expensive statues are coming out in December but preorders still aren’t open for any of them.

If you’re a fan of Apex Legends and in the market for figures that are a little bit smaller, Funko just revealed the first wave of Pop! Vinyl Figures for each of the original legends. Those will be released soon and can usually be picked up for about $10 each.

Apex Legends has seen a resurgence in popularity since the launch of the game’s second season. Developer Respawn Entertainment also just released a limited-time event featuring a solo mode. Solo play was a highly requested feature in the Apex Legends community and it seems like the development team is seeing how well it’d work with this new event. While the mode itself is fine, the event has come under harsh criticism from players due to the fact that a lot of the event’s exclusive cosmetic items are trapped behind an expensive paywall. Respawn hasn’t responded to these criticisms so it’s unclear if anything will change before the end of the event on August 27.

[Source: Weta via Kotaku]