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Need for Speed Heat Dev Teases Electronic and Urban Influences for Its Soundtrack

Need for Speed Heat’s official announcement went live online last week. Then, during gamescom: Opening Night Live, EA and Ghost Games showed off the game in action. Still, there are quite a few details that presently remain under wraps. One such detail concerns the title’s original soundtrack. While Ghost Games isn’t ready to lift the lid on everything just yet, one developer has teased what fans can expect to hear blasting from their car’s speakers. The soundtrack’s influences will most notably take inspiration from electronic and urban music.

Creative Director Riley Cooper teased as much while speaking with VG247 at gamescom. Unable to divulge much, Cooper merely revealed that NFS Heat’s OST will have a “modern” sound backing it. He told the publication,

So we’re not releasing track names right now, but generally speaking there are a few different influences. We’re going for a modern soundtrack with a little bit of a local vibe with some of our track selections. Electronic is a big influence, urban is a big influence. But a more relaxed vibe during the day, unless you’re racing, and a more dangerous vibe at night.

That the music playing will change according to the time of day is really intriguing. This also functions well with the game’s overarching premise. While illegal street racing is never a good idea, the patrolling police force in NFS Heat’s Palm City will appear more relax in daylight hours. They’ll follow protocol, adhere to the rules and such. However, once darkness falls, things will shift dramatically. A task force will operate in the usual patrol’s stead. These guys won’t follow the rules, aiming to catch street racers by any means.

While we await more information on the game itself, fans can get an early start on designing their vehicles. Anyone can participate now by downloading the NFS Heat Studio companion app through Android or iOS.

Need for Speed Heat will hit stores for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 8th. Subscribers to Origin Access Premier will get to player a little earlier on November 5th.

[Source: VG247]