Cyberpunk 2077 Gets 15-Min Deep Dive Video Showcasing a Boss Fight, District, Play Styles, and More

CD Projekt RED has released brand new gameplay footage from Cyberpunk 2077, which offers a deeper look at one of Night City’s districts, different play styles, a boss fight, and much more.

Without further ado, catch the action below. Do note that the video contains work-in-progress gameplay, which means content might change between now and launch.

The district showcased in the video is named Pacifica. It used to be a tourist spot before being taken over by two rival gangs: the Animals and the Voodoo Boys.

According to series creator Mike Pondsmith, the Animals are driven by strength. “They’re in it to basically build themselves up and become the tigers of their particular urban jungle,” he said. “They want to be big, they want to be bad, and they want you to fear them just because they exist. But the Animals are very simple. They have an ethos: get big, lift, get strong, lift.”

In contrast, the Voodoo Boys have a “culture.” This faction is made up of former Haitians who moved to Pacifica after their country became flooded.

“When I created [the Voodoo Boys] many, many years ago, I was looking at kind of a really interesting idea, which is what we would now call cultural appropriation: what happens when somebody comes in and tries to adopt a culture that they know little or nothing about and does it really badly,” explained Pondsmith.

We also learned that each gang in Cyberpunk 2077 will have its own motivations, which players will discover when they play the game.

CD Projekt RED has said that players can complete Cyberpunk 2077‘s campaign without killing a single soul. All it requires is critical thinking and problem solving. You can attempt a non-lethal run when the game releases on April 16, 2020.

[Source: GameSpot]

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