You’ll Get a New Look at Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:MIND DLC Next Week

Finally, Kingdom Hearts III fans have some fresh news to look forward to. The title’s much-anticipated Re:MIND DLC will soon receive a trailer. According to the game’s official Japanese and English Twitter accounts, this upcoming look at the post-launch content will arrive early next week. On September 9th, the trailer will appear online at 8:00am PST/11:00am EST.

See the trailer announcements in the tweets below:

We don’t know yet what Square Enix will show off in the trailer. Could an official release date finally be revealed? We can’t say for sure. However, the company must be building up hype for something special.

The Kingdom Hearts III Re:MIND DLC will package in a host of new content. This paid DLC will consist of the additional scenario “ReMIND,” a new Limit Episode with a boss, and a Secret Episode with a boss. Fans have a bit of free content to look forward to with the DLC’s eventual release as well, which is to include a brand-new form and Key Blade.

The Re:MIND DLC’s additional scenario will only be accessible to players once they’ve completed Kingdom Hearts III’s main campaign. Still, the new story content is considered a standalone offering, according to the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts III launched earlier in 2019 to mostly rave reviews, including our own. It didn’t take long for its critical acclaim to transition into commercial success. Until Mortal Kombat 11 took its place in May, the Square Enix release was 2019’s best-selling game in the United States. Depending on how things shake out for the reminder of the year, this Kingdom Hearts entry will likely go down as one of the year’s best-selling titles.

Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:MIND DLC will launch sometime this winter.

[Source: Kingdom Hearts on Twitter via Wccftech]