Blood and Truth Update

Get Ready for More Trophies, a Hard Mode, and New Skeet Challenges in Blood and Truth

VR action-shooter Blood and Truth has a new free update people won’t want to miss. In it, players will be able to earn new trophies, take part in a Hard Mode for the experts out there, and try to complete five new Skeet Challenges. These challenges are compatible with the PS VR Aim Controller, giving things a more authentic feeling.

But what will the Skeet Challenges entail? Each one has already been detailed, so you can better prepare for them.

  • Authentic Skeet – Clay targets will be launched at you, either one at a time, or in pairs.
  • Extreme Skeet – This will play similarly to Authentic Skeet, but will also allow you to earn points in between target stations.
  • Endurance Skeet – You’ll have a limited number of lives and will lose one for every target missed. Shoot targets consecutively to gain lives back.
  • Puzzle Skeet – Move through a series of puzzle rooms, shooting various colored targets to advance.
  • Action Skeet – You can train with static or launched targets in this exercise.

With the implementation of the new Hard Mode, players can choose to replay the whole game in New Game+ or go through specific tasks with mission select. Beating the game on Hard Mode will also unlock a new trophy.

Finally, London Studio has added online leaderboards to every Hard Mission and Skeet Challenge. London Studio Communications Manager Annem Hobson challenges players to beat the score of 7,186 on the Action Skeet Challenge.

Blood and Truth released back in May. We liked it a lot here at PSLS, especially its action-packed moments, slow motion combat, and characters. And a Blood and Truth demo is available on the PlayStation Store, for those who want to try before they buy. In addition to the game’s positive critical reception, it performed well commercially, too. In the UK, it was the best-selling game during the week of its release.

Will you be checking out Blood and Truth’s latest update? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]