Dreams Early Access Update Makes It Easier to Find User-Created Content

Dreams early access will be getting a pretty useful update this week, making it easier to find user-created content. Media Molecule calls it DreamSurfing, wherein you can browse featured content, recommended games, trending experiences, and even Community Jam entries. Since the heart of Dreams relies on the community’s content, DreamSurfing will more effectively curate the game’s best experiences. Keep in mind, the update is set to roll out throughout the week, so keep checking into the Dreamiverse if you don’t see the update right away.

In addition, Media Molecule will be including a number of bug fixes and more in this update, which will hopefully improve the user-experience.

The latest Dreams patch notes can be found below:

Dreams Update Patch Notes

What’s new?

  • Photo Management – We’ve added some handy new tools to help you manage the flow of photos you’ve been firing up to the Dreamiverse. Now when you exit Photo Mode, you’ll be asked which photos you’d like to keep, and where you’d like to save them. This will help you keep your local storage in check, and avoid the automatic upload of hundreds of photos while you try to snap the perfect cover image! You can also now Archive photos you’ve previously released, just in case you want to tidy up your collection.
  • Creation Archiving – Archiving doesn’t stop with photos – it works with creations too! Now you can tidy up anything you’ve got stored online but would rather wasn’t hanging around cluttering up the place. To restore something you’ve previously archived, head to Archive Mode and check out the Restore tab. Your mothballed creations are safe and sound, waiting for you to dust them off.
  • DreamSurfing Playlists – The Dreamiverse is now teeming with incredible creations. So teeming that we just had to find a better way to expose them all to you. Begone, single-row of creations! Come on in, multiple rows! We’re rolling this feature out slowly so that we can test the servers as we do it, so if you don’t have it today, check back tomorrow.

Other improvements

  • New: A whole host of playlists are available – they include: Recommended Dreams, Play Later queue, Media Molecule content, trending creations, Mm Picks, most recent Community Jam, recently shown on the Mm weekly Stream, thumbed up Dreams from either a PSN friend or a followed Dreamer, newest Dreams, Dreams published by dreamers at a similar level, a Collection from either a PSN friend or a followed Dreamer, Dreams using a certain tag, creations you are Following, Dreams you Liked, recently Played.
  • Updated: A new collaboration tab has been added to My Creations, allowing you to view all your collaborations in one place.
  • Updated: The flow for deleting local saves has been improved, making them easier to manage.
  • Updated: Pause options have been changed. When pausing from editing, playing or navigating around the Dreamiverse, there is now a button available to take you back to the start.
  • Updated: Cover pages have been modified and they now display your creation’s details differently.
  • Updated: The search bar has been improved to be more more clearer.
  • Updated: When publishing a dream inside of a collection, a prompt will now asks for a category to be set.
  • Updated: The level cap has been increased!
  • Fixed: Some improvements to the Launch to PS4 indreams.me feature have been made to resolve issues introduced after the Red update.

It’s been fascinating to see Dreams come together, as well as the impressive content created by the community. Even Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida was left impressed with the game, calling it one of his ““favorite projects ever.”

What do you think of Dreams? Have you spent any time with it? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog EU]