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Former Bungie CEO Unveils New Development Company That Already Has Two Studios Working on AAA Games

Former Bungie CEO, Harold Ryan, has unveiled his new development company that has been operating in stealth mode since 2016. ProbablyMonsters Inc. already has two studios working on brand new AAA IPs with 70 full-time staff members and counting, and has already signed “AAA deals with major publishers” amounting to roughly $50 million.

This news comes via an exclusive interview with Hollywood Reporter last week, which was only recently picked up by ResetEra users. According to the publication, ProbablyMonsters’ Cauldron Studios and Firewalk Studios are both based in Seattle and are led by “top industry talent.”

Firewalk Studios is being run by Tony Hsu, who previously served as senior VP and general manager of the Destiny franchise at Activision. Cauldron Studios is being run by industry veteran Dave Matthews, who has worked on franchises like God of War and Myst in a career spanning 20 years.

“When you look at what the industry needs, when you look at game developers themselves, they need and deserve a place where they can reliably build a AAA game, but also a place where they can feel confident that they have a future,” Ryan told Hollywood Reporter. “All of the things that go into making a culture positive, making people feel respected and trusted and having approachable leaders, we do that when we build new studios.”

Ryan didn’t disclose what the studios are working on but did say that they’re making “whatever game or genre works for the creative leadership married with a responsible, predictable business case.”

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter via ResetEra]