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Former Borderlands and Torchlight Creatives Developing Next-Gen Co-Op RPG for ProbablyMonsters Inc.

ProbablyMonsters Inc., a triple-A publisher founded by former Bungie CEO Harold Ryan, has announced the establishment of a third development studio under its wing. The unnamed studio will be led by former Borderlands and Torchlight creatives, and will focus on developing co-op RPGs. Their first project, a next-gen title, is already in development.

The new studio joins Cauldron Studios and Firewalk Studios in the ProbablyMonsters family. In a press release, the publisher also announced that it has acquired a 76,000 square foot building in Bellevue, Washington. ProbablyMonsters currently employs 150 developers.

“Whether working remotely, as they are now, or in their new office, employees will continue to benefit from all the resources needed to provide an environment of stability and positive work-life balance while creating AAA games,” reads a statement.

ProbablyMonsters was unveiled last year but has been operating in “stealth mode” since 2016. It employs industry veterans who have previously worked on games like Destiny and God of War.

“People-first game developers with a passion for their craft, who foster trust, respect, and approachability, belong at ProbablyMonsters,” said Ryan. “John [Dunbar], Marsh [Lefler], Patrick [Blank], and Allen [Fong] are a perfect fit at ProbablyMonsters, and have joined us to lead the growth of a new co-op RPG studio, adding a new core genre to our family of studios.”

ProbablyMonsters has yet to reveal the projects underway across its three studios. It has already signed “AAA deals with major publishers” amounting to roughly $50 million.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.