Zombie Army novel

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Getting a Companion Novel From the iZombie Creator

The publishing arm of independent UK video game developer Rebellion is currently hard at work on a new Zombie Army novel. Zombie Army: Fortress of the Dead, which is scheduled for a simultaneous launch alongside the new game, is being penned by popular science fiction author Chris Roberson. You may recognize Roberson as the creator of iZombie, a comic book series that was successfully adapted into a TV series.

News recently broke of Zombie Army 4: Dead War‘s February 4, 2020 release date, and in the US the new novel will hit bookstores on that same day. The UK will have a small delay on its hands, with Fortress of the Dead scheduled to release two days later on February 6th, though availability in other regions hasn’t yet been specified.

Roberson’s novel will follow a squad of “deadhunters” who presumably pride themselves on thinning the ranks of the eponymous zombie army, if their title is anything to go by. The group is on a mission said to take them deep into the Alps as they seek answers to a number of unanswered questions. These include uncovering the perpetrator of “Plan Z,” whether the undead horde is being guided by a human hand, and if there’s really a Nazi fortress hidden in the mountains.

Despite their undoubted prowess, the squad apparently “may not make it out of the mountains alive…” All this pulpy intrigue seems like it’ll almost perfectly match the tone of the Zombie Army games, enticing fans to engage with the series’ wider narrative through both media formats.

Official pricing for Fortress of the Dead hasn’t been confirmed at this time, though with its launch scheduled for on or around the same day as Zombie Army 4: Dead War, it’s probably a good idea for fans to start saving their pennies in preparation for Tuesday, February 4, 2020.