Copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Have Leaked and Someone Is Selling Them for $250 Each

Copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are out in the wild a week ahead of the game’s worldwide launch. At least two Twitter users have shared photos of the copies, with one of them – a Twitch streamer known as VonGarcon – claiming that he intends to sell the discs for $250 a piece.

VonGarcon’s photos show the discs in clear plastic cases rather than retail boxes, suggesting that he may have purchased them from a wholesaler or rental service. He claimed that he’s not sure how the copies were originally obtained and that he merely purchased them for resale, then proceeded to share videos to prove the discs are real.

IGN investigated VonGarcon’s claims and confirmed that the footage he shared is actually from the game and that the copies appear to be legitimate. One of IGN’s sources told the publication that barcodes on the packaging suggest that the copies were taken from one of Redbox’s facilities. Both VonGarcon and Redbox have yet to comment.

Paying $250 for a game that’s out in less than a week may sound crazy but it’s nothing compared to the case of the gentleman who purchased an early copy of No Man’s Sky for a whopping $1,300.

We’d recommend waiting until October 25th. There’ll be plenty of copies available worldwide for your platform of choice – be it the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.

[Source: IGN, Eurogamer]

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