darksiders genesis release date

Unravel a Demonic Conspiracy When Darksiders: Genesis Lands on Consoles in Early 2020

THQ Nordic announced a different type of Darksiders experience earlier this year from developer Airship Syndicate. Darksiders: Genesis will see the series take on a Diablo-esque style of adventure, starring War and Strife. When will this new take on the franchise land in the hands of fans? Well, PlayStation 4 owners can hop in on February 14, 2020. There is nothing quite like a trek through Hell on Valentine’s Day, right?

Accompanying the release date details is a brand-new cinematic trailer. The second playable character alongside War, Strife, stars in this latest look at Darksiders: Genesis. Get a tease of what type of Hell you’ll be dealing with in the trailer below:

Darksiders: Genesis takes place prior to the original game’s events. Players will battle through hordes of angels, demons, and other types of creatures in an effort to stop a demonic conspiracy. At the heart of said conspiracy lies a plan devised by Lucifer to forever upset the Balance, which will in turn result in the dismantling of creation.

Preorders for the title are already live online for PS4, PC, Stadia, and Xbox One. In addition to the standard version, fans have two special editions from which to choose. The Collector’s Edition costs $120 and features a statue, steelbook, stickers, and the game. Darksiders: Genesis‘ Nephilim Edition is far more expensive, with a price tag of $380. It includes everything packaged within the Collector’s Edition, as well as Darksiders: The Forbidden Land, the board game. Unfortunately, the board game, of which there are only 5,000 copies, will not be sold separately.

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