MediEvil’s File Size Weighs About 22GB, Day One Patch Reportedly 15GB

After a long sleep, Sir Dan will finally resurrect in two days. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long to begin their trek through Gallowmere, courtesy of the remake’s relatively small file size. According to MediEvil’s listing on the PlayStation Store, Sir Dan’s return merely requires 21.86GB of space. There does exist a small caveat, however. The day one patch, according to Twisted Voxel, will clock in at roughly 15GB. Still, it’s not too bad. Once all is said and done, fans will only need to reserve a little less than 40GB of space of MediEvil. (Editor’s Note: Most patches include parts of the existing game file and replace them, so it’s unlikely this 15GB adds completely on top of the base file size.)

MediEvil’s reported day one patch weighing 15GB seems worthy of intrigue. After all, that is over half the size of the core game itself. What exactly the day one fixes  address currently remains to be seen.

Earlier this month, Sony let players get a taste of the experience via a “Short-Lived Demo,” which is no longer available (you might say it was… short-lived). It featured a brief portion of the title, allowing fans to explore Dan’s Crypt and the graveyard section. Those who were extra observant likely stumbled upon Sir Dan’s helmet that will carry over into the main game if you managed to collect it.

Reunite the Hero of Gallowmere with the world of the living when MediEvil comes to PS4 on October 25th. In addition to the standard physical and digital versions, which cost $29.99, the PlayStation Store has a Digital Deluxe Edition on offer. At $39.99 the Digital Deluxe Edition features Golden Super Armor, a digital art book, digital comic, soundtrack, and a dynamic theme.

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