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Everreach: Project Eden’s Delay Means PS4 Players Must Wait Until 2020 to Leave Earth

Action-RPG Everreach: Project Eden’s 2019 release date has been vague for months. It was initially meant to launch on the PC and Xbox One this September, with a PlayStation 4 release following later in the year. Now a delay is affecting the release across all platforms. PC and Xbox One players will be able to purchase the story-driven adventure sometime this December. Meanwhile, PS4 fans will have to wait for an unspecified date in 2020 to get their hands on the experience.

Publisher Headup Games and developer Elder Games announced the delay, yet provided no reason for it. At least there’s a new trailer for the action-RPG, though. It’s the first in a series of “EverReach Industries Secret Documentation” videos. The inaugural video, entitled “Planet Earth,” runs just over a minute in length. Check it out below:

Everreach Security Division member Nora Harwood rests at the center of Everreach: Project Eden’s narrative. She’s been assigned a mission to Eden, an alien planet that will hopefully prove suitable for human colonization. Nora will also have to navigate her way through a series of conundrums, all involving strange occurrences. In exploring Eden, players should expect to learn more about the unexplainable events, while additionally uncovering details concerning the planet’s lost civilization.

An action-RPG, Everreach: Project Eden will offer a tactical third-person experience, complete with leveling and skill systems. In addition to ground combat, Nora will have access to vehicles that are equally useful for offensive purposes.

There is quite the impressive creative team backing this project, too. Michelle Clough, a former Narrative QA and Game Writer on the Mass Effect titles, served as an instrumental part of Everreach’s story development. Mai-Anh Tran, who worked on Star Trek: Beyond and the WarCraft movie, is responsible for the design of the game’s alien landscape.

[Source: Headup Games via Gematsu]