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Leave Behind the Chaos of Earth in Everreach: Project Eden Later This Year on PS4

Elder Games and Headup Games announced earlier this year that the RPG Everreach: Project Eden would launch on PCs and consoles later in 2019. Now, that release date has been narrowed down. While the game’s fall 2019 launch date for the PlayStation 4 remains nebulous, its PC and Xbox One versions are slated to release on an unspecified day in September.

Headup Games, which is publishing Outbuddies for Julian Laufer, revealed news about the imminent Everreach: Project Eden release on its Twitter account. The post also featured a new trailer for the RPG. Check it out below:

A story-focued action-RPG, Everreach: Project Eden follows Everreach’s Security Division member Nora Harwood on an assignment to the alien planet of Eden. While there, she must help ensure human colonization is a success, in addition to investigating a variety of unexplainable and strange occurrences. These oddities are likely to become more intelligible as players explore Eden, and secrets of the planet’s forgotten civilization come undone.

Everreach seems as though it may have plenty to offer on the gameplay front too. Tactical third-person mechanics rest at the heart of the experience, as does a leveling and skill system. Ground combat won’t be the only way in which players engage with enemy combatants. Harwood will be able to tap into her vehicular warfare talents, as well.

There’s quite the pedigree behind this project, interestingly. The Mass Effect trilogy’s ex-Narrative QA and Game Writer, Michelle Clough, helped craft Everreach’s eight-hour story campaign. Meanwhile, Mai-Anh Tran, whose resume includes Star Trek: Beyond and the WarCraft film, designed the landscapes that shape Eden’s topography.

[Source: Headup Games on Twitter via Gematsu]