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Get a First Look at Marvel’s Avengers’ Inventory and Skill Tree

We’ve seen quite a bit of Marvel’s Avengers‘ combat and certainly a lot of the opening A-Day mission, however, a new game overview video put out by Square Enix lets us see some new parts of the game’s UI and base of operations. For starters, we learn that the heroes will be using a decommissioned helicarrier as a base between levels. Serving as a hub area, you’ll be able to change your equipment and launch into new missions from here. Square Enix says that the helicarrier will get upgrades throughout the story as well.

We then get our first look at some of the in-game menus, which look quite similar to something you’d see in other loot games like Destiny 2. You’ll use a cursor to select items and it wouldn’t be a loot-based game if each item didn’t have different stats. The video uses Iron Man as an example, starting with some outfits he can equip. There are options for “emotes” and “nameplates,” but we don’t get a chance to see either menu. For gear, Iron Man (and presumably the other Avengers) is ranked based on four stats: melee damage, ranged damage, defense, and “heroic.” There are four sections to equip gear you earn and unlock, tied to each of those stats. Each piece of gear can be disassembled for parts or powered up to unlock more perks, again in a way that looks almost exactly like Destiny.

We also get a quick glance at Iron Man’s skill tree. Iron Man has four categories, which are marked as primary, specialty, capability, and utility. Each of those is then broken down into four skill trees. We get to see a couple of the skills Iron Man can ear, and saw a few special abilities and basic combos.

Finally, we got a chance to see the wartable. Here’s where you’ll launch into missions all over the world. These missions are broken into two types. Hero missions are single-player story missions that will serve as the game’s main campaign and will have a preassigned hero for you to play as. Warzone missions can be played alone or using four-player online co-op, and will let you pick which hero you want to play. It’s noted that, while the Warzone missions are stand-alone, they will still tie into the story. Additionally, all progress is shared through the game, so you don’t need to worry about heroes becoming over or under-leveled.

Watch the full video for yourself below:

While the new look at the inventory and hub is the focus of the video, there is a quick peek at some new gameplay. We get to see a few scenes with Ms. Marvel, such as one with her looking around nervously while surrounded by robots. Another shows some basic platforming in the environment near the helicarrier, including one cinematic scene where she makes a jump and nearly falls off a cliff. A scene near the end shows Iron Man and Thor teaming up to take on a giant robot.

Besides the new content, the video also serves as a story synopsis. Marvel’s Avengers opens up with a celebration called A-Day. Unfortunately, the celebration goes wrong, the Avengers are attacked, San Fransico is left in ruins, and Captain America is dead. Fast forward several years and Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, is trying to uncover the conspiracy behind A-Day and get the team back together. We don’t, however, get a chance to see any unannounced new heroes.