Last Labyrinth Will Soon Trap You in an Escape Room-Style Game on PlayStation VR

Developer Amata K.K. describes Last Labyrinth as an “escape-the-room adventure,” wherein players must find their way out of a mansion. The game is slated to launch on a variety of VR devices on November 13th, including the PlayStation VR, Oculus, HTC, and Windows headsets for $39.99. With regards to the PlayStation Store, preorders for Last Labyrinth will only be available in Asian territories. Other regions will have to purchase the title on launch day.

For a better idea of what the Last Labyrinth experience entails, check out the title’s latest trailer below:

This particular escape room-esque adventure will see players try to exit a mansion replete with an untold number of hidden dangers. Katia, a young girl without the ability to speak, will serve as companion in the player’s desperate escape attempt. A “Phantom” figure represents the only other character the player and Katia will encounter. A hooded specter, the Phantom appears just as enigmatic as the mansion and the girl.

Last Labyrinth has a creative team behind it that is equally as intriguing as its premise. The VR project was helmed by Hiromichi Takahashi, most notably known as co-creator of Toro Inoue, the Sony Cat/Mascot. Takahashi also directed Doko Demo Issyo for the original PlayStation, which starred Toro.

Tetsuya Watanabe, whose resumé includes Puppeteer and The Last Guardian, served as a director and game designer on Last Labyrinth. Other notable developers include main theme composer Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana fame, lead character animator Atsuko Fukuyama (ICO), and lead environment artist Michiko Kusaba (Gran Turismo 4). Interestingly, MGSV’s Stephanie Joosten lent her voice to Katia and the main theme’s vocal arrangement.

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