Development of IO Interactive’s Next Hitman Installment is ‘Well Underway’

In announcing the November 2019 update for Hitman 2, IO Interactive teased what’s next for the Hitman franchise. Yes, more Hitman 2-centric content is in the works. However, the team is also hard at work on the next Hitman entry, which may or may not be titled Hitman 3.

Near the end of the Hitman 2 November update post, IO made note of the studio’s plans for the future. In turn, the Hitman 2 team is slowly transitioning to the series’ next big project. “In real terms, we’re moving more and more of the Hitman 2 team to join the next Hitman game, which is well underway,” the post reads.

For now, of course, there exists no real way of knowing how far along IO Interactive is on the title. Still, the phrase “well underway” suggests Agent 47’s newest adventure is at least in active development.

This news also indicates that IO Interactive has two games in development simultaneously. Several weeks ago, the company announced plans to reteam with publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The renewed partnership will ultimately result in IO’s developing a brand-new IP for consoles and PC.

Both of these projects are undoubtedly being made possible by IO Interactive’s recent expansion. According to the company’s official website, IO’s two studios–IOI Copenhagen in Denmark and IOI Malmö in Sweden–are hiring for 20 job opportunities. IOI Malmö, which opened in January 2019, represents the most recent addition to the family.

Hitman 2 is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: IO Interactive]