Latest MediEvil Update Makes a Number of Camera-Centric Adjustments

If you have MediEvil installed on your PlayStation 4, you may have noticed a new update go live in the last 24 hours or so. The relatively small patch, Update 1.02, did not come with any patch notes, however. As such, fans were left in the dark as to what specifically it addressed. Thanks to a tweet this morning from Other Ocean, it is now clear that the 1.02 patch opened the door for a number of camera-related adjustments. Having problems with the Dan Cam? This new patch may have fixed the issue. The same can be said for the title’s framerate troubles.

At the time of writing, patch notes in a traditional sense still have yet to surface online, though the MediEvil remake’s developer has outlined some of the key points addressed by Patch 1.02. Take a look at them in the following Twitter post from Other Ocean:

These additions and fixes seem to tackle quite a few of the problems concerning MediEvil’s camera. How well they improve upon the overall experience will be left up for each individual player to decide for themselves.

Fans still looking to revel in nostalgia for the gothic-heavy PS1 classic need look no further than Level52 Studios. The collectible manufacturer recently opened preorders for a premium statue of Sir Daniel Fortesque, which is as costly as it is impressively detailed. Level52 Studios’ $250 statue of the Hero of Gallowmere will begin shipping sometime between April and June 2020.

Sir Dan’s recent resurrection in the MediEvil remake is available to purchase now on physically and digitally on the PlayStation 4.