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Hideo Kojima Reveals How He’ll Make the ‘Scariest’ Horror Game

Kojima Productions boss, Hideo Kojima, has made no secret of the fact that he’s already gearing up for his next project now that Death Stranding is out on store shelves. What exactly that project entails is anybody’s guess but we now know that it’ll be a horror game. The “scariest” horror game, in fact.

That’s according to Kojima himself, who recently revealed how he plans to approach the game’s development.

He tweeted:

Kojima was recently interviewed at a BAFTA panel in London, during which he suggested that his next game will be a fusion of movies and video games. He also hinted that he wants to utilize streaming services.

“In the next five years, the platform will be streaming,” Kojima said during the panel earlier this month. “Either it’s a movie or a game, both will remain – the cinema experience and the platform of games will remain. But the game, you could broadcast that right now, like esports that you see today. It’s a movie, but it’s a game, I’m thinking of that kind of idea, and I want to do that kind of thing.”

A horror experience that’s somewhere in between a movie and a video game sounds like an interesting concept. What do our readers think?

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