Fujii Brings Musical Gardening to PlayStation VR Next Month

While PlayStation VR can be used for high-octane experiences and first-person shooters, some games instead want to create a relaxing world for you to get lost into. Such is the case with Fujii, a musical gardening game where you’ll be exploring fantastical musical lands and interacting with the plants that you find. The game came out earlier this year on other VR platforms, but now it will be hitting the PlayStation VR on December 10th, 2019.

You play as a person who finds themselves inside of a magic musical garden. Starting from a hub world, you’ll navigate through several different areas, watering plants and interacting with them so that they make music. Some plants will open doors, while others grow tall and let you climb up to new heights. As you solve puzzles you’ll get seeds that you can plant in each world and give yourself even more plants to interact with. Before long you’ll have a sprawling garden full of musical plants, the perfect place to escape and get away from life for a bit.

A lot of Fujii’s escapism is thanks to some lovely art design. Fujii is a noticeably colorful game, decorating its dreamscapes with pinks, yellows, and greens that really pop out of the screen—almost literally, since it’s a VR game. It also has impressive use of negative space, with various plants seeming to grow out of nothing in a dramatic and often beautiful way. You can get a better look in the trailer above.

Fujii was developed by Funkatronic Labs, the same developers behind strategy game Nova-111. They’re also currently working on goofy extreme jet ski game Wave Break and were the creators of VR RTS Cosmic Trip and VR racing game Starbear: Taxi. There is currently no word on if any of their other games will also be getting ported to PlayStation VR.