PSA: You Can Now Invite a Friend to Play Man of Medan’s Story Mode for Free Until Jan 6

If you own a copy of Supermassive Games’ interactive horror The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan then you can now invite a friend to play the story mode for free for a limited time.

From now until January 6, 2020, you will be able to use a Friend’s Pass code that’s good for one playthrough of the campaign, and expires after single use. The only caveat is that both you and your friend need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, and it goes without saying that you must own a full copy of the game.

Simply download Man of Medan‘s latest update, which contains the ‘Shared Story Mode’ feature that allows you to invite your friend. Your friend will need to have a trial version of the game installed in order to accept the invitation and play.

In other Man of Medan news, Supermassive has announced that the previously preorder exclusive Curator’s Cut bonus content is now available for all players for free. An overview is as follows:

The Curator’s Cut allows you to play an alternative version of the story which was previously unavailable in your first playthrough. Play new scenes, receive new information, make new choices that affect the story and see the game through different characters’ eyes.

Head over to the PlayStation Store to download the content. For more on The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, check out our previous coverage.

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]