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The Silent Hill Website Domain Is up for Sale for $10,000

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time but this one pretty much nails the Silent Hill coffin shut. Twitter user bobvids recently discovered that the official Silent Hill domain name is up for sale for a whopping $9,835.

RelyonHorror went digging around for more information and found out that the domain has been up for sale since August so it doesn’t look like Konami has any plans to reclaim it. Still, some fans are hoping that the IP holder will take some action, indicating that it at least has some interest in the IP. Wishful thinking, we say.

According to RelyonHorror, hasn’t been in active use since 2008. Prior to this, it served as the official website for the original game. From 2008 to 2019, it sat as a parked domain that brought up Silent Hill-related search terms.

That said, Konami letting go of the domain entirely does seem a bit odd considering the company still uses the brand name and owns the IP. The latest Silent Hill project is a slot machine that was unveiled back in October so while we’re not getting any new games, Konami’s still making Silent Hill products.

What gives? Who knows. But if anyone needs Christmas gift ideas, we just gave you one. According to seller BrandBucket, Silent Hill is “an evocative name with a slightly eerie, placid vibe” so you can’t go wrong with this present.

Any of our readers planning to run to the bank first thing on Monday?

[Source: bobvids via RelyonHorror]