PlayerUnknown Announces the Mysterious Prologue at The Game Awards

Brendan Greene, better known to most gamers as PlayerUnknown, has revolutionized the battle royale genre with his runaway hit PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds. Now it seems he’s back at it again with an original IP named Prologue. So what is it? Well… here’s the catch. We don’t know. The most we have is a 15-second long announcement clip that was shown at The Game Awards. It appears to be from a first-person perspective; someone staring out into the woods. We hear dogs barking, and something is moving around in the distance. Before we get any answers the screen cuts to black and tells you to visit the game’s website to figure out more.

Sadly, the website doesn’t provide much info either. You can enter your email for more news when it becomes available, but unless there are any hidden secrets or ARGs to uncover, that’s about it.

If you’re hoping for a press release that gives you more info too, there isn’t much luck there. Brendan Greene did have the following to say about his new project though:

Our studio was founded with the goal of exploring, experimenting, and creating new technologies and gameplay experiences. With prologue, we are taking our first steps toward building new technologies and interactions that will help develop my ideas into reality.

I have been given a once in a lifetime chance to deliver something new on a global stage. Being given a platform to build a brand-new experience outside of the battle royale genre is an amazing gift, and one I don’t want to squander. Prologue is an exploration into new technologies and gameplay. Our aim with this game is to give players unique and memorable experiences, each and every time they play.

It certainly sounds ambitious. Until we learn more, however, we’ll have to make do with trying to find all the secrets in the mysterious trailer.