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Telltale ‘Completely Restarted’ Development on The Wolf Among Us 2

During last week’s The Game Awards, the new Telltale Games formally announced The Wolf Among Us 2. While details about the sequel are likely to remain fuzzy for quite some time, Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie has confirmed one interesting tidbit. Development on the follow-up has completely begun anew. As such, the team producing The Wolf Among Us 2 is receiving a fresh start and a “clean slate.”

A fresh start on development means the new team is not picking up where work on the sequel’s original production left off in 2018. Ottilie shared as much with USgamer during a recent interview. The CEO explained, “we have completely restarted the development of the game. We felt it best to give the new creative team a clean slate to start with.”

Initial work on The Wolf Among Us 2’s production was cancelled following the closure of Telltale Games in late 2018. The company’s untimely demise saw nearly 300 employees laid off without notice. Holding company LCG Entertainment purchased many of Telltale’s assets several months ago and has been operating under the Telltale name since August.

According to USgamer, developer AdHoc Studio is “taking lead” on the sequel’s development. Former Telltale employees, who departed the studio before its late 2018 collapse, founded AdHoc earlier this year. Interestingly, four of AdHoc’s founding members were essential to The Wolf Among Us‘ first season. Whether more employees from the original Telltale will rejoin remains to be seen. However, Ottilie hinted that it’s certainly a possibility. “We will be opening more full-time positions early next year and have other former TTG employees in mind for key roles on the project,” Ottilie told USgamer.

The Wolf Among Us 2 lacks a release date, but you definitely won’t step into Bigby’s shoes in 2020. Whenever the long-awaited sequel does launch, it’s slated to release on consoles and PC (Epic Games Store).

[Source: USgamer]