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Unsurprisingly, The Wolf Among Us 2 Isn’t Slated for a 2020 Release

The Wolf Among Us 2 served as one of the surprise (re)announcements during last night’s The Game Awards. Only a brief trailer featuring Bigby Wolf and Snow White was shown. However, that seems to have been more than enough to get the hype train rolling. Fans may want to pump the breaks a bit, though. According to Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie, the long-awaited sequel will not launch anytime soon.

In an interview with Forbes about The Wolf Among Us 2’s revival, Ottilie made it clear a 2020 release date isn’t on the schedule. Unfortunately, Ottilie could not divulge anything concrete regarding a potential launch. Yet, we do know the sequel is in development for consoles and PC (Epic Games Store).

Like the original, the story will take place years ahead of  Bill Willingham’s DC series, Fables. Still, fans should expect the narrative to pick up after the events of Season 1. Speaking of seasons, there’s currently no word on how the sequel will be released. Though it’s written episodically, with five episodes in mind, Telltale has yet to confirm a potential staggered release.

What the company has planned following The Wolf Among Us is also presently under wraps. However, according to what Ottilie told Forbes, the project will probably center on a new intellectual property.

Confirmation that The Wolf Among Us 2 won’t land anytime soon doesn’t seem much of a surprise. There’s no way of knowing how far along the project was at the time of the original Telltale’s shuttering. The studio folded late in 2018 after years of mismanagement. Earlier this year, holding company LCG Entertainment purchased many of the former studio’s assets, then began operating under Telltale’s name. A handful of former Telltale employees and talent from the first Wolf Among Us season, who now work at AdHoc Studios, are contributing to the development of The Wolf Among Us sequel.

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