7th sector ps4

Discover the Story of 7th Sector’s Cyberpunk World on Consoles Next Month

Developer Sergey Noskov’s 7th Sector originally hit PC via Steam back in March 2019. Soon console players will also have a chance to explore the title’s “mysterious cyberpunk world.” 7th Sector will come to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms in a couple of weeks on February 5th.

A teaser trailer for 7th Sector’s PS4 release recently went live online. Check it out in the video below:

In a Twitter post, publisher Sometimes You (Drowning) revealed that more details about 7th Sector’s imminent console launch will surface later today. Hopefully, the upcoming news will shed light on whether the console version is also on track to receive free DLC, which consists of the “Museum” add-on and the soundtrack on Steam. The “Museum” DLC is a first-person experience that allows players to explore a museum, where they can visit exhibits and interact with various objects.

7th Sector takes players on an adventure through a mysterious and immersive cyberpunk world. In addition to navigating an “intricate path,” puzzle solving and coming face-to-face with danger rests at the experience’s core. There’s much to discover, too. While exploring, players will collect information dispersed throughout the game world, which aids in uncovering the world’s story.

All of the above will be managed by the player’s controlling multiple characters. Interestingly, most will likely have a different experience, given the branching system that consists of four endings. This level of immersion also presents itself in 7th Sector’s music, courtesy of the soundtrack by Nobody’s Nail Machine.

[Source: Sometimes You on Twitter via Gematsu]