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Preorder Resident Evil 3 Remake on Amazon Now and Get $10 Off

Like Nemesis in waiting, Resident Evil 3’s new remake/reimagining is just around the corner and the quality of Resident Evil 2 has most people already convinced that they want to purchase it. If you’re ready to commit to it now, you can preorder Resident Evil 3 on Amazon for only $49.94. That’s $10 off the normal price. While games do tend to go on sale pretty shortly after launch, it’s becoming more common to see preorders for games offer these kinds of discounts to get people to commit to them ahead of release.

Resident Evil 3 will feature a new take on the classic game, with a more open world and some revised roles for characters that perhaps weren’t as fleshed out in the original. Of course, more flesh is just more appetizing to the zombies and creatures that threaten lead Jill Valentine in her journey around Raccoon City. Jill won’t be the only playable character, however. Carlos will also get his time to shine. The multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance will come packaged in with Resident Evil 3, but it won’t be a canonical addition to the game, instead simply featuring a multiplayer component that pits one infected creature against a group of four survivors.

That’s not all the Resident Evil news that’s cropped up recently either. Whispers about Resident Evil 8 have started to happen, though additional rumors have reportedly debunked the original rumors about the game. While it’s almost a certainty that the series’ eighth main game is in the works at Capcom, it’s reported that it’s been rebooted at least once, perhaps owing to the positive critical reaction that Resident Evil 2 received. There’s an upcoming testing event or Resident Evil ambassadors, but it’s currently unknown what game that event will be featuring. It could simply be some last-minute focus testing on Resident Evil 3 and Resistance, or it could be for an unannounced future entry in the franchise.

While you wait for more news, make sure to preorder Resident Evil 3. It will release on April 3, 2020.

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